Array Methods Part 1

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Javascripts Array Built-in Methods

In this article I will give you some of the most used methods of an array in javascripts. a short explanation and one or two examples.


 This method will take an array as input and return its length.


let coins = ['dollar', 'half dollar', 'quarter', 'dime', 'nickel', 'penny'];
console.log(`The length of array coins is: ${coins.length}`);

See live code here

Now let us access an element of this array, using index position.

First Item ( ' dollar' )

let first = coins[0];
console.log(`First element of coins: ${first}`);

Last Item ( 'penny' )

let last = coins[coins.length - 1];
console.log(`First element of coins: ${last}`);


This method allows you to loop thru the whole array visiting each element, and do whatever needs to be done each.

<!--  Iterate an array  -->
console.log(" Index       Array Item");
console.log("-------     ------------");
coins.forEach( (item, index, array) => {
    console.log( " ".repeat(6 - index.length) + index ,  " ".repeat(20 - item.length) + item);  


Push allows you to add an element to the end of the array

<!--  Add an Item to the end of array  -->
  coins.push("fake coin-end");
  console.log(`\nCoins: ${coins.join()}\n`);

returns: 'dollar', 'half dollar', 'quarter', 'dime', 'nickel', 'penny', 'fake coin-end'


Unshift allows you to add an element to the start of the array

<!--  Add an Item to the start of array  -->
  coins.unshift("fake coin-start");
  console.log(`\nCoins: ${coins.join()}\n`);

returns: 'fake coin-start' 'dollar', 'half dollar', 'quarter', 'dime', 'nickel', 'penny', 'fake coin-end'


Pop allows you to remove the last element from an array (end of array)

<!--  Remove an Item from the end of array  -->
  console.log(`\nCoins: ${coins.join()}\n`);

returns: 'fake coin-start' 'dollar', 'half dollar', 'quarter', 'dime', 'nickel', 'penny'


Shift allows you to remove and element from start of array

<!--  Remove an Item from the start of array  -->
  console.log(`\nCoins: ${coins.join()}\n`);

*returns: 'dollar', 'half dollar', 'quarter', 'dime', 'nickel', 'penny'


IndexOf allows you to find the current position of a given 'element' within the array.
note: (' dollar' is in position 0 within the array )

<!--  Find the numeric index of an item within the array  -->
     let itemIndex = coins.indexOf('quarter');
     console.log(`Item in Coins at index(${itemIndex}): ${coins[itemIndex]}`);

Returns: Item in Coins at index(2): *quarter


This method allows you to remove elements from any position within the array.

<!--  Remove an item from Coins, given an index position  -->
<!--  Removes 1 or a range of elements from index position  -->
     let idx = 2;
     let itemsToRemove = 1
     let newCoins = coins.splice(idx, itemsToRemove);    

Returns: dollar,half dollar,dime,nickel,penny (quarter is gone)


Slice allows you to clone, copy one or more elements from a given array.

 <!-- Clone an array -->
  let newArray = coins.slice();

returns: Array [ "dollar", "half dollar", "dime", "nickel", "penny"]

 <!-- copy a section of the array only -->
 <!-- END position is not inclusive -->
     coins = ['dollar', 'half dollar', 'quarter', 'dime', 'nickel', 'penny'];
     let start = 1;
     let end   = 3;
     let part1 = coins.slice(start, end);

Returns: Array [ "half dollar", "quarter"]

<!-- copy another section of the array only -->
<!-- END position is not inclusive -->
     let start = 2;
     let end   = 5;
     let part2 = coins.slice(2,5);

Returns: Array [ "quarter", "dime", "nickel"]


This method Creates and returns a new string. It concatenates all elements in the given array

  <!--  Join coins array into an string comma separated  -->   
    let coinsJoined = coins.join();
    console.log(`Coins joined comma separated: ${coinsJoined}`);

returns: "Coins joined comma separated: dollar,half dollar,quarter,dime,nickel,penny"

  <!--  Join coins array into an string no spaces -->   
     coinsJoined = coins.join('');
     console.log(`Coins joined into one string : ${coinsJoined}`);

returns: "Coins joined into one string : dollarhalf dollarquarterdimenickelpenny"

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Array Methods Part 1

#Next article will be: Array Methods Continuation

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